Frequently asked questions.

SimplyScreen is a digital solution that offers symptom checking and infectious disease guidance to help employers identify employees who may be at risk for returning to work. In accordance with CDC guidelines and state-specific mandates and recommendations, our screening process ensures employers have the proper protocols in place to safeguard their workplace. Our solution is simple, quick and easy to adopt and use.

SimplyScreen also provides digital reports of your company's screenings to be used for workforce planning and contact tracing. Combined with options to add custom questions and custom interfaces, SimplyScreen ensures secure records and data insights into your company.

The screening questions are generated in accordance with federal guidelines for COVID-19 screening established by the CDC, and your company's state-specific mandates and recommendations. As these sources of information evolve with new findings, our screening process evolves alongside them.

SimplyScreen will comply with applicable state and federal privacy laws. Consistent with common occupational health practices, a worker’s employer will be able to see whether a screening result was cleared or not cleared. This transparency is critical to maintain safety in the workplace. Any official medical tests may only be shared with SimplyScreen or the employer with express permission from the employee.

SimplyScreen is offered to employers as an occupational health assessment tool and it is not a health plan benefit. As an occupational health offering, the data collected by SimplyScreen and provided to the employer are employment health records, which are excluded from the definition of protected health information. Thus, SimplyScreen is not acting as covered entity nor a business associate subject to Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The employer’s use of personally identifiable information disclosed to it may be subject to applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

The employer’s use of personally identifiable information disclosed to it may be subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Under CCPA, SimplyScreen serves as a service provider to the employer, and thus has no direct CCPA compliance requirements.

SimplyScreen is available to all U.S. employers across all states.

Our mission is to provide an easy and efficient process to help everyone in the world return to work, though currently our compliance and regulation experts focus their efforts in aligning with U.S. laws and institutions to create the best product.

Simply reach out to us with the button below. We'll walk you through the SimplyScreen solution step-by-step and work with you to implement your ideal solution for returning employees to the workplace.